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Cancer Victim Jokes:  The Next Level
by Bayard Russell

As the ever-popular dead baby jokes have shown, even something horrible and disgusting can be funny.  Dead baby jokes have taken comedy to another level (basement?) and set the industry standard for shock humor.  But where do we go next, how do we move ahead?  I think the next uncharted territory is cancer jokes.  Cancer is an incurable, scary, horribly debilitating disease claiming millions of lives every year, and it's an incredibly taboo thing to joke about.  It follows, then, that cancer must be the new frontier for tasteless comedy.  Yes, cancer victim jokes are the next logical step on the long, descending stairway to humor hell.  And is more than willing to let go of the handrail.

Tee hee!  Aren't these jokes hilarious?

I hope I don't get gang raped for this one.

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